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UD Research

PUBLISHED BY: University of Delaware
PUBLICATION TYPE: Digital Magazine
PUBLICATION DATE: August 7, 2023

For many, the term “disruptor” conjures up an unwelcome interruption, an off-key note that clashes with the hum of our daily routines.
But disruption isn’t always a bad thing. Often, it is the path to real advance.

This issue of the University of Delaware Research magazine puts new faces on this idea of disruption, highlighting the innovative way our researchers are tackling complex problems. Learn about their work and what drives them, what keeps them going and how the disruption they cause can produce real benefit for our world.

This issue of UD Research highlights only a few such disruptors and their positive impacts. These firsthand accounts highlight of what drives these scholars —their aha! moments, how they deal with naysayers, what satisfies them, what terrifies them—to ensure things don’t proceed as usual.

CONTACT: Tracey Bryant