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Membership is open to those who produce or contribute to the communication of research using print or online magazines, e-newsletters, social media, video, podcasts, and/or other media with the goal of increasing public awareness about research and other scholarly activities on behalf of a university, college, governmental funding agency, or nonprofit research center or institute.

PLEASE NOTE: Eligibility is limited to professionals who currently hold a staff position or other substantial relationship with a research communications office of a university, a non-profit research center or institute, or an entity that conducts or sponsors research. URMA may request that persons who are not on staff but have a substantial relationship provide a letter from the university or institution outlining their role.

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Membership renewal is emailed to members directly every December and is due by February 1.

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Access to the online URMA discussion group where members trade information and share best practices on any number of projects research communicators may lead, from creating research magazines to producing videos and podcasts.

Annual Conference

URMA holds an outstanding annual conference hosted by a member institution, affording members the opportunity to learn best practices from professionals who have pioneered the field. 


Including talks, member surveys, documents, and articles — on topics such as magazine management, design and layout, writing and interviewing, editing, working with freelancers and students, media relations, social media and many other topics.

Member Spotlight

To find out what types of things we cover at our conferences, check out our previous conference information by clicking on a conference graphic. Session videos and slides are available on our Member Resources page.

ABOVE: In the latest issue of “Scope” New York University is exploring “Enterprising Tech”

We invite you to explore our repository of research that our members have been working on.

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